Friday, October 30, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Injury on the Job + NCE Booster Troubleshooting

Injury on the Job
Late last night, I was working on the layout again.  I went back and filed down the solder joint on the turnout behind Libbey-Owens Ford glass that I had repaired earlier in the evening.  It is in an awkward place that isn't easy to reach.  The mini-file slipped from my hand as I drove my index finger into the ultra sharp metal turnout point.  No blood, no foul right?  Well, it hurt during the night.  It hurts this morning.  It seems when you hurt a finger, you hit said finger a gazillion times the next day.  So, it appears it is yet another reportable accident on the ROCK.  Damnit!  We now must hang the sign of shame again.
Know a good injury lawyer?

Oh, speaking of donuts, so I'm seeing this nutritionist.  She does body nutrition studies.  Upon performing one on me, she asked, have you been around any chemicals lately?  My wife just laughed.  I said, weeeeell, about everything regarding my model railroad has some label on it that states it is known to cause cancer in California.  Yeah, I probably glow in my sleep from messing with this stuff.  

NCE DCC System Woes
I called up NCE support this morning.  I asked about the issues when booting.  Here is what I see when turning on the system.

This is what pops up initially.  This is supposed to clear out and go to the last locomotive registered on the throttle, but it becomes stuck on this screen.

This is what it should look like after everything boots properly and initializes.

Support stated to remove the T-Shaped Daughter board from the main motherboard in the unit.  Reseat it and try again.  He believes it is either a hardware issue which hopefully reseating the board will correct or the startup commands (much like a computer) have become corrupt.

I was know I have done this already.  To the archives....

Ugh...I believe it is just time to replace the six year old booster and/or send it off for repair (and have a spare).  


  1. Hope your finger is doing better today. Three weeks ago I was looking for a T&P car in storage and raise up and caught one of the throttle pockets, nice gouge on top of my head and bleeding, chair or bed for the rest of that day. I was better next day..

    1. It is getting better. More annoying than anything. I had a large piece of benchwork fall and nearly knock me out before. The next day I met my wife. I go figure. :-)